Human behavior flows from 3 main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. – Plato

Trying to figure out exactly where I started and how I have led myself to this point, but no—- why regress into figuring out the past in the current moment when I’m moving forward. Maybe before bed, with tea, maybe. And always in the back of my mind. But not for me to dwell upon. 

Anyway, here is a compilation of photographs that sum up what this month (some, even year) have been for me, and others or within the same photograph by nature, what is fueling inspiration or what I fathom will become of the rest of the month. 


This makes me think. Lovely suggestions, for more open, effective conversation. Also to ask your own self for reflection.
The colors make it more perfect.
This is a beautiful thought to consider. It brought me some clarity, it really did, and it’s continuing to do so.
The possum kills me with his cuteness but vicious self-protecting expression.
One of my absolute favorites. Had to know more.
Like, why? How?
Another one of those good ones.
Don’t mind me.
The texture, the color, the smoothness, the pattern. Oi!
What’s not to love about digital text art?
This HAT.

And finally…

xo, Elle

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