Me, carnations that are wilting
Without you
Next to me
The fear-mongering outside
The paste-making tear dolls
Capturing you in your best light
Afraid of what darkness is
Your brightest hope
Gone in the daylight
Give it some time

You, attached to all that is holy
Flannel fleece jacket that I found warm
Those nights you let me have
Gifts in boxes, wrapped so pretty
Push my hair behind my ear
Wrap my silk scarf around my brain tight
A missed delight
The race is on
Move forward

Knives carving edges in what we are
What we used to be
More fear-mongering
Tasting the cake before it’s ready
You telling me things about my writing
Looking up when laughing
Carnations coming back to life
Flower food that works its magic
Stellar reviews on Amazon
Brick old fiction that you find charming
A steady pace will win this race
Calm and everlasting
To be, that

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