I think I’ll win this race but I’m beginning to feel outnumbered

How do you do that

Feel like a crowd of people when you’re a singular identity at one point in time and space

I think it’s the lilacs
You gave me
Lying on my kitchen table
That I need to cut before they suck all of the humidity out of this room
They’ll follow through
And you won’t get it
The reasons
Why anxiety will fill me to the brim
Flower girls exist at every age
They don’t ever sleep
The data’s misconstrued

A dinner date
An avalanche
A boiling hot pour of tea
A boy dressed in white and black
Honestly my favorite sight to see
And it’s all for me?

Poison, dark and heavy
In a laundry hamper
An empty and luxurious perfume bottle
That was saved for a special event

Diamonds and ice cream
He slowly opens his mouth
To say words unreasonable for the evening
But so charming for these whereabouts

I think I’m going down
I’m definitely going down
I think I’m going down
I’m definitely going down

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