Deep cherry like the water in your blood

Deep cherry like the water in your blood

I’m crimson again
Deep cherry
Go to Newport Beach to ride on the ferry
Pink-shaded sunglasses
All my gals with me
Celebrating the day I said goodbye

Got a Seven Peaks bicycle
I’m going to ride ’round the city
Pink lip gloss, so that I look pretty
For nobody in particular but me
Head to downtown LA
The bleakest alleys in the city
I like the sound of electric guitar, smoke some black tar
Jan Axel Blomberg is emailing me sound strips from hell
Contact lenses
Under suspension
I look real clean in court, it’s all pretension
Forgot to mention

I’m my own best advocate but my statements are bleak

In case I ever get scared
In case I ever get scared

I like burnet moths and swallowtail butterflies
I missed your last call
Why don’t you ever leave me voicemails?
To listen to for the nostalgia, after the relationship grows stale
Works without fail
Me and my friends are addicted to them vape pens
Fill the entire room with smoke
Screens for the serene
A fox’s tail

I love getting the mail
The walk down there is paved with a grey-brick road
Got a Taurus G2c to unload
In case I ever get scared
Fearful in the dark
Tuesdays we walk to the park
Kel-Tec PMR-30 in the back
It’s okay to start and stop as long as you start again
It’s okay to be scared and then brave as long as you pretend

I’m not happy with my appearance
Some days I wish I was more fearless
The front entrance gate to your loft has stone gargoyles and your bed has satin sheets
Your bath curtain is a pattern of ducks that always makes me smile
This isn’t a love poem
I just wanted to say
The days that I see you, those are the good days
The rest is decay

Stone gargoyles & satin sheets

My skin color is grey
Because I’m not motivated enough to change how I’m living
But I’m reading the books that the older people do
And I ride my bike four in the morning ’till two
And I clean up real nice after I’m covered in dirt
I say mean words that make others hurt
Defense mechanisms we’ve learnt

I say this not because I’m proud but because I want you to know
Knowing me is not something I let a lot of people do
So when you hug me goodbye give me fourteen reasons why
Sticking along with you is good for the ride
I’ve fallen behind
Lost trace of myself
How can you learn anything new if you only read the books on your own bookshelf?

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Biking and good friends will bring me back to good health
If that’s a place I want for myself

I’m crimson again
Deep cherry trees
Hot in the sunshine like fresh, cold wine
Renovating myself in the summertime
I’ll be just fine

Like fresh, cold wine
I’ll be just fine

Deep cherry trees
I’m crimson again
With hot blood venom

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