Your Living Room

Sweet dahlias that you admire, don’t tear
Even though you’re so unaware
Your disenchantment is what’s “cool” these days

A million ways
to tell me I look pretty
You choose none of the above because that’s not how you live

When you’re serious you can still be made to chuckle
Those hard nights— I’ll wrap them up like weeds
Never to later retrieve

Driving with sunspots coming our way
Boy with a denial of using navigation
Im thinking you love the abstraction

Me curled up on your couch
Purse on the floor, heels on the side
I’m having a party in your living room

Don’t fight it
I’m having a party in your living room
Downin’ Skinny Girl and gleaming

Falling asleep to this
A new point of view
from your living room

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