Crisp green apples

I’m going to get through this
Whether you and I do this
Or not
I can do big things within my small frame
In the daytime when you’re sleeping and you’re soft and you’re tame
You drive me insane!
You can’t even spell my last name

I woke up and was afraid of you
That crisp honeysuckle, ash-shed night
You made the lights all bright
Wanted to see me, see me, in crystal pure
I looked at your light skin, green eyes, and felt unsure
You were out the door

Early-morning awakening, remnants of stars
We only get along because we stay from each other afar
Cool jazz, background, playing from another place
You hop off the kitchen counter and you cradle my face
You only wear black, we say goodbye on Sundays
Am I worth the chase?

Chill breeze flowing through my long blonde hair
You aren’t one to admire but you’re trying not to stare
You’re trying not to stare
I’m well aware
You want the whole day with me
Daisies at the market, we stand in line
For the other girls you’re purchasing red wine
And you whisper in my ear, it’s only you and me this time

Well I feel mighty fine
Crisp green apples from your father’s tree
I’m going to make you mine
Only you and me this time

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