I write love poems in pink
But this is not a love poem
This is a story of loss

A lost cause
You thought you were the boss
Always so goddamn cross
You bring me down through the basement door with you
Show me scary things: spiders, lies, manipulation
Without my having asked
I don’t scream, I stay silent, and that is perhaps my own shortcoming in this imperfect history between us

My mouth remains shut when my lips are not on yours
But oh,
My favorite
On your better days, you kiss me and make me feel like I’m worth kissing
Like the world kneels for me
Like I’m the one you claim to love
“That girl”
Innocent, lush, imaginative
Don’t stop kissing me

But you’re dangerous
You leave me empty and cold
Locked behind tall grey stone walls in a dusty fog, alone
You leave me alone
To give me space, to let me breathe
I don’t want to breathe
I don’t want to be alone
Don’t leave

Cradle me
Like a baby
Kiss me
Like you’re crazy
Love me
Super hazy
Touch me
Your lady

Don’t leave

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