Cologne & Cafes

Death deception
You’re my favorite
Criminal, bad boy
I can smell it in your cologne
But now I’m watching what I say
You know you can’t flag someone who writes
But I’ll do it anyway for you

I don’t want to be in this limbo
I don’t want to be having fights
This was my place of controversial poems
If they were ever come around to
You surprised me when you came around
Head held back to draw the poison
Small blade for you
I’ll do it for you

You’re salient and that’s what I like about you
Amongst many upscale man traits
Though we can share them like pie
Look at me and you amorous in July
I’ve been wondering why you‘d come back
But not too hard because I don’t want to lose you again
I’m really revealing it all
I want to attend cafes with you when they open
Places that I won’t leave sobbing
Bars with decorations or simply the video screens of winter sports
None of that matters as long as I’m next to you
Fragile fingers in yours
So that I can sleep that night

So that I can sleep at night
So that I can sleep at night
Your love makes me feel alright
Your love makes me feel alright.

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