Stuck on you like candy blue
I want to seep you in like maroon
My body’s disjointed and out of touch
Didn’t know somebody could love me this much
It was terrible, a bit too much

Concrete ground is so nice to lay on
When the cars hurriedly pass by
Everyone’s so aggressive, I don’t get why
I’m playing with a stream that started from the Northside
It’s digging holes in me
I have to go inside

A dark cavern is lit by the girls who smile
We’re delighted in conversation so we don’t mind taking a while
Chrysanthemums at the door, left for one of the dancers
I ask the doorman, he knows all of the answers
He told me I look like cancer

He told me I look like cancer
But I’m just a delicate dancer
It’s not my fault I’m decayed
It’s not my fault he never stayed

This is what it looks like to be betrayed

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