August 15th

Nobody will ever love you like I have
It’s true, but you can play it safe
A rush of blood through a cardiac valve
Time spent by the El Dorado lake

The housewife me would bake you sweets
Anything you want to enjoy
She’d think your clothes were really neat
She’d walk with grace and intricate poise

You told me I walked classy
It stuck with me like a tide
I couldn’t tell if you were being sassy
But god, I knew I was in for the ride

You’re a very bad guy

So charismatic it makes me bleed
I find you where I least expect
All I wanted was to be someone you need
But you didn’t understand how you did affect

My moods, my mind, my aching back
You hurt me in every which way
The dawn comes slow and stays like plaque
I’ve been up late calling your name

You’re just the same
But god, I knew I was in for the ride

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