Abscess (God)

I broke my favorite CD while I was opening it
Because of my fake nails
Imagining better versions of you
My ways of moving on, they fail
I’ll tell you a crystal-clear tale
One you’ll save for the books
A story about how much I miss my father
The one who blessed me with good looks
My mother too – but now she grieves
We encounter noone but liars and thieves
I like how I’m surrounded by crisp Autumn leaves.
No time to dream.

I recall a beautiful lullaby
It was his very own way of saying goodbye
I still wonder why.
My hands shake as I type
I’m so lost in this mess
I’m watching you swell like a grimy abscess
Call a cab.

Social disturbances
I fade into obscurity
Nobody reads my poetry
I know I won’t live until my thirties
I wasn’t made for this world
It gets more clear every day
I wake up with bruises
Impossible to wash away
God made me this way.


God tells me to stay.

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