A lullaby (I wonder why)

I wrote a poem titled “Cradle” for a boy who never read it
I don’t think I wrote it specifically for him, though
I did it for me
So it didn’t feel like a punch to the gut
So much
As when he did other things
I won’t mention

Did I get your attention
Somebody hit my car and the alarm’s ringing
The neighbors are peering out their windows waiting for it to end
Oh I love it when someone makes the rules bend
I’m staying in my house
Quiet as a mouse
That alarm ringing to me is like a lullaby

Every weekend I have a choice
To distract from all the noise
Hit up the worst possible boy
I’m weak
We barely speak
It’s been a week
Somebody shouts “turn that off!”

I can’t get it to stop
I can’t get it to stop
I can’t get it to stop
I’m weak

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