There, concrete bridge
Throwing up like a landmine
Shocked to the brim
Might let you in

You, there for “support”
Always following me
Wherever I turn up
Scared for me
Budget B-movies
Film star queen
The things in-between
Get me out of this scene

Them, rubber toys
Making all of this goddamn noise
Unedited spherical spending like water
Shriveling cold beats
Turn up the heat
To do away with, that’s a fact
Or a vision, to destroy
Our friends we’ll employ
If we have any left by then

You, not forgotten in the least
Leather jacket, cold-hearted beast
Pockets so deep I put my hand inside
And I leave it inside
It’s comfort I find
Ask how many inches tall you are
No matter the answer it’s still up far
But with my hand in your pocket I smile
That little girl smile, you know
It’s comfort I find, you know

Maybe one day it’ll start to show

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