Des feuilles d’arbres étaient trempées sous la pluie.

noun [prey-vuh-nahns] French.
special care in anticipating or catering to the needs and pleasures of others.

Other interesting things:

  • sans serif caps
  • If you have a pool, you can tell it’s raining outside by the ripples in the water of the raindrop splashes. A beautiful & whimsical sight
  • Resting eyes
  • Wet leaves
  • Terry bathrobe towels are the best & don’t leave little strings on the body
  • Men don’t use conditioner, unless they have long hair, but they still probably don’t
  • Fabric softener that smells amazing on sheets & blankets makes going to bed that much more special & lovely
  • Cigarettes taste like tar
  • I’m quitting smoking
  • Maybe

My lists don’t have the availability of. background colors 🙁

It’s nice to be back, after 9 days

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